Sania Sania

Your wearable can know that you’re falling sick

Smartwatches are known for tracking activity, fitness, heart rate, count the number of steps, calories burnt, and distance run, and so on. But imagine if your smartwatch can tell you that you’re about to fall sick.

In a study at Stanford University conducted by Snyder said, that his team was really amazed to see that the wearable were so effectual in detecting the beginning of the flu, or Lyme disease. They monitored around 60 people, and the researchers collected around 2 billion measurements, which involved sleep, heart rate, fitness, weight, blood oxygen levels and skin temperature. By making use of the mentioned data, they proved that it is possible to spot abnormal changes in anyone’s usual vital signs, which might signify a change in their health.

Another recent report said apple watch saved a life of a man named Dennis Anselmo by spotting a dangerous heart condition. Well this is not unique as various studies already exist that prove Apple Watch can identify heart problems. According to a study, if you put a load of high-tech devices together, they might be able to detect illness before you even realize that you’re sick.

Sensor Responsiveness

Apple is known for designing the world’s most precise heart rate monitor and now their sensor development teams are trying to explore new sensor technologies. There are claims that it includes a non-invasive diabetes sensor.

But the necessity to acquire regulatory approval for few of these tools before placing them on sale to the public poses as a curb to public launch. At the same time this Regulatory delay is a nice thing, as it’s vital we all know the information is correct and supported by good science.

Above and Beyond data

Extensive learning, analysis of data, this information itself features a huge role to play the way forward in future for medical aid. There are many samples of this and plenty of ways within which this information may provide actionable awareness. This can be result of analytics of several completely different sorts of information.

Well you may not know but during the time when flu is spread over, and anyone can be prone to have it, wearable devices is also ready to analyze information like this, providing warning and serving to curtail the unfold of illness.

An App has come up with a free app for Apple watch/ iphone called ‘Cardiogram’, it coordinates your sleep, heart, and activity data to make it more meaningful.

You will get an insight of a  graph of your heart rate in actual time, might explore associate degree interface that ought to assist you learn additionally concerning the health of your heart, together with a set of recommendations to  improve it.


The Data acquired by the Apple Watch is used already to warn apple users for bad heart health, however in coexistence with A.I. it looks like it has already achieved the capability of detecting other problems earlier.

Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health have discovered the power of wearable biosensors to sight physiological changes that will indicate illness, even before you notice a symptom.

Apple Watch and Apple’s solutions in digital health do have the potential to transform a system that can assist in detecting the warning signals of health issues, accessing medical facility and recommending logical intercessions before condition become serious.

Wearable’s Future

We all have a visit to the doctor, where patients usually get their  body temperature and blood pressure measured, however these data are generally collected once every year or twice maybe, and are also often ignored unless the results are outside the traditional range for overall populations. But medical specialist researchers anticipate a near future where human health is continuously monitored.

So far, shoppers have purchased millions of wearable devices, which include around 20 million other fitness monitors and 50 million smart watches. And most of these monitors are used for tracking activity; however they maybe effortlessly adjusted to more directly track health measures.

Alongside accurate health approach, each and every person would be able to know his or her normal standard for a bunch of measures. The analysis of data that is automated could help in detecting patterns of irregular data points and identify the start of an illness, thus giving one a chance for cure or prevention.