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Using Lifelogging to mantain a Work-Life balance

Thinking about an average millennial of the 21st century, he/she tends to spend too much time working at a stretch and not being able to maintain his/her personal life or vice versa. Sounds familiar ? This is how most of us spend our days and end up unhappy and exhausted. The busy lifestyle of the 21st century puts us in such a situation. Working long hours, spending time with our loved ones and making time for ourselves; all of which being very important and none of these can be compromised upon.


The most important step to achieve that ideal work-life balance is time management. This is what allows us to get through our days with specific targets and enables us to attain maximum productivity.

– All the activities we perform need to be time bound and preplanned so that we can complete in time. Another important step is stress management.

– Stress management allows us to get through the most hectic days without a mental explosion and carry out our tasks without unnecessary pressure. Stress management includes prioritising  activities and also making sure that we are performing them in the happiest way possible. A very important aspect in this is leisure time and more importantly placing the leisure time in appropriate time slots for the day. We also have to make sure that we set realistic targets for our tasks, because failing to do so ends up in increasing our stress levels drastically.

– We have to look into our personal lives and filter out our regular bad habits such as lack of sleep, consuming unhealthy food, smoking, drinking excessively, etc. These are activities that slow us down and cause problems in the future.

– Making sure that we are working in the right environment is also very important. The people around us should also understand the importance of  us being able to maintain a work life balance and should support it. Working at a place where this is not understood will end up being a burden of work and not having a personal life. The same goes with our loved ones.

– Exercising is also very important since we need to be physically and mentally fit to be more productive.

How I am lifelogging to have a better work-life balance

Instant is a lifelogging application that allows me to review our day in terms of activities and the time spent on them. It gives us an idea of how we spend our day. This helps understand how productive I have been with my time. It helps asses productivity and distribute time justly. It provides the data in a very organised manner  on a dashboard. Instant also visualises my daily/weekly time on graphs. It provides data about some of the most important aspects of our day:

– App usage: We spend a lot of time on our smartphone. While we use them for productive tasks, we also  tend to slip and waste time on them. (Like couple of minutes of Snapchat or Instagram while sending out work emails) Instant displays how much time we spent on each application, enabling us to asses our digital activities used for work or personal entertainment. Further it makes me really conscious of wasting my time.

– Phone usage: It allows us to see how much time we have spent on the device as a whole and how many times we have obsessively checked it.

– Fitness: One of the most important aspects of our a healthy  work/life balance is fitness. Instant’s automatic tracks basic fitness activities. It gives us data which includes – walking time, running time and the number of steps taken.

– Places: It tells us about the places we have visited with the amount of time we have spent at that particular location. I use it to keep a tab on how long I’m spending at work and home everyday.

– Sleep: A good night of sleep is essential to be productive at work and lead a healthy lifestyle. Instant automatically keeps track of my sleep.

Instant also summaries all the data of the week and displays it all together in the form of graphs and maps for the whole week in a short review. These weekly reports really help to understand my time being spent at work and other personal activities.  This information at one place has helped me attain a better work/life balance. I am to improve this further by tracking more parameters in my life.