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What’s new around the The Quantified Self- August

I am putting together a few important headlines around the Quantified Self movement every month. Here are some interesting headlines for the month of August so far:

– McDonald’s is giving out activity trackers with Happy Meals in US & Canada!  These ‘STEP-it’ trackers are to encourage children to be more active.  [Source]

– There was a study around athletes at the Olympics. Athletes want more out of there wearables, especially in terms of instructive insights. [Source]

– Beyond tracking, utilising your Quantified Self Data [Source]

– Intel bought Basis a few months back for $100M, the company behind Basis Peak- A smartwatch focussed on health tracking. Basis just recalled all their devices for refunds due to overheating issues. [Source]

– Using data from wearables & smartphones to understand how relaxing your vacation is. [Source]

– Road to Optimal Health & Lifespan by Michael Lustgarten [Video]

– Nap apps to improve your sleep [Source]


You can leave a comment if there is a news article that I should add to the list.

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