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What’s new around the Quantified Self- September

Here is a compilation of our monthly Quantified Self headlines. Some interesting news in August:

– McDonald’s recalled the activity trackers that they gave out with Happy Meals last month around the Olympics. They got customer complaints that the device was causing skin burns & itching. (Source)

– The US International trade federation ruled that Fitbit didn’t steal trade secrets from Jawbone in the lawsuit. (Source)

– The future of diet tracking (Source)

– How to win the Quantified Self by Feedback Looping (Source)

– Unlocking patterns by Spectrograms (Source)

– PepperHealth, a humanoid device for elders detects vitals and sends emergency alerts if it finds irregularities (Source)

– Fitbit has nothing on the common notebook. A data driven approach for emotion journaling. (Source)

– Sources say that Jawbone has not paid its partner and has barely no inventory left. (Source)

You can leave a comment if you think I should add some important Quantified Self headline to this list.