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What’s new around the Quantified Self- December 2016

As we head to the close of 2016, here are some headlines around the Quantified Self movement in December. Let me know in the comments if there is something I should add to this list.

– My Quantified Wardrobe 2017 (Source)

– The State of Quantified Self in 2016 (Source)

– Want to get your pets into the Quantified Self movement? Trackz is a Fitbit for your pets with GPS and a feeding bowl tracker (Source)

– Here is a collection of some Quantified Self apps & services on Product Hunt (Source)

– An interesting study on the Resting Heart Rate (Source)

– Tim Cook says Apple Watch sales are doing just fine (Source)

– Recap of the SF Bay Quantified Self meetup (Source)

2017, has some interesting Quantified Self products in store for us and the Quantified Self conference in Amsterdam as well. Wishing you a great 2017!