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Wearables for kids

The applications of wearables are expanding to a wide variety of niches. One of the recent trends, especially in China is wearables for kids. Chinese company BBK which sells a children smartwatch, has captured equivalent market share of Samsung!
Children today, tend to be stuck to their television and have so many gadgets around them, that they’re distracted as ever. The condition of the 21st century have moulded them in such a manner. Kids also tend to fall ill, can get lost or hurt while outdoors, which is a reason of concern. Fortunately for parents, these wearables offer a peace of mind.


The XTC BBK Y01 smartwatch for kids, allows children to be tracked by their parents and can communicate with them. Chinese brand BBK managed to sell more kids GPS phone watches than all the smart wearables Samsung sold all over the globe! The XTC BBK Y01 took the market by storm. It gave parents a tool to be in constant touch with their kids. For kids, a fancy gadget to flaunt. The watch costs $125. It provides the following features :

  1. Calling- The watch needs a nano sim for making local calls. It allows parents to call their children whenever needed.
  2. Location tracking- This takes advantage of the real time location services to let parents know of the child’s location accurately .
  3. Contacting the school guard
  4. Adding friends
  5. Family hangouts


One of the most interesting products I came across was the Miiya smartwatch. It is a kids smart wearable dedicated to making kids active and also provides parents with the child’s data to their relief. It also pushes children to tell their parents about their day. It has innovative features that stand out like:

1. Children being allowed to mark the location they’ve visited to remind them to tell their parents about their experience there.

2. It has an avatar that keeps on changing its state according to the activity the kid is doing. The avatar is a cloaked super hero in the most active state. This encourages the kids to be more active.

3. It awards the child gold stars for their activity levels which , again motivates the child to be more active.

This has managed to gamify activities for children. These features help preventing obesity, which is becoming an ever growing problem. It provides a handy solution to keep children healthy.

The creators of Miiya claim that this is a light security tool rather than a heavy surveillance tool because it effectively tracks the child relative to the parent and not constantly tracking him. The creators of Miiya are raising $50,000 for the project using crowd sourcing  on Indiegogo. This will be available for $99 a piece.

Leapband by Leapfrog

Leapband by Leapfrog is an interesting product in this market. It’s an activity tracker for kids which is loaded with lots of features. The Leapband’s features:

1 It has a customizable virtual pet (including dragons, robots, unicorns which attract kids attention) which can be played with. The pets have to be fed , nurtured and groomed which keeps them busy.

2 It has preloaded kids activities designed to get kids out of their lazy zone. These activities are both to get them active and imaginative.

3 There’s a pet chef which allows kids to help their virtual pet collect healthy food and also unlocks nutrition fun facts.

4 Parents can set challenges for their kids using Leapband connect like walk like a crab, pop like a popcorn, etc to get the kids moving.

5 The more active the kids are, the more points they acquire to play Leapband games.

6 It also has the option of school/quite hours, to not distract them from other important tasks such as studying , home work, etc.

Overall, this device seems to get the job done and help kids remain healthy and active. It is reasonably priced($30) and seems to be a really good fit for kids.

There’s a wide variety of wearables available for children but, it is mainly dominated by smart watches. Parents can find simplistic smartwatches like ‘Filip’ watch and ‘Tinitell’ watch. They can also find advanced  smartwatches like the ‘doki’ smart watch which allows video calling or the ‘orbo’ smartwatch which has a rotating camera. Many smart watches allow the parents to set safe zones for their children, they notify parents when they are out of the safe zones.

Overall, kids smart wearables are actually a blessing for parents who are concerned about their kids. They allow parenting to be done in an easier manner. These wearables are still in their early phases, which will evolve in the coming years.