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Wearables at MWC 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona had a few interesting smartphone & wearable launches. Although, the number of wearable launches were much lesser than the past years MWCs. Most of the wearables were in the smart-watch form factor.

Apart from Sony Mobile, Huawei and LG having a big presence there we also saw champion manufacturers of yesteryear such as Nokia and BlackBerry Mobile. We collected a list of some of the big launches.

Huawei Watch 2


Huawei, as the world’s third-largest phone maker, released a new smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress, with a sportier look than the first device that it launched two years ago. This new watch can independently have it’s own cellular connection. The CEO of the company’s business group, Richard Yu, said he believes this is the code to increase the charisma of smartwatches.

Huawei Watch 2 met all the criteria in the voluntary certification standard and was awarded the Wearable certification mark of TÜV SÜD. It is available in three different coloured bands: bright orange, gray, and black. Huawei also launched a VR headset at MWC!

LG Watch Sport

LG Watch MWC

LG also announced two new Android Wear smartwatches. The first one is the ‘LG Watch Sport’ and is specially targeted to fitness enthusiasts. It details a 316L stainless steel case with digital crown for navigation purpose. It’s sporty and sturdy design which measures 45.4 x 51.21 x 14.2mm and also features IP68 water protection and comes in dark blue or titanium colors. You cannot switch straps with the Sport as it comes with a fixed elastomer strap and inside that strap is an embedded 4G antenna, so this device can operate independently of a smartphone. The Sport features a 1.38in, 480 x 480 pixel display (348 ppi), LTE, GPS, HRM, and NFC.

The second LG smartwatch is aimed to capture the eye of the fashion conscious. It details a 1.2in, 360 x 360 pixel display (299 ppi). Unlike the Sport, the Style does have the feature of swappable straps. It comes with charming Italian leather strap. Here the color options include silver, titanium and rose gold, and each features IP67 water protection. Unlike the Sport, the LG Watch Style it only features digital crown navigation and has no other buttons.
ZTE Quartz Android smartwatch

It was rumoured that ZTE is set add its name to the list with the ZTE Quartz, which is its first Wear-running smartwatch, named Quartz . Although it was a no show at MWC, it should be probably launched in a few weeks. The use of the name Quartz is interesting because this is also the name of a smartphone ZTE launched in 2015.

Acer’s Wearable

In an interview, Emmanuel Fromont, President of 3 regions at Acer said, about launching a couple of products from which one will be a wearable, and concluded by saying he can’t say much but we certainly will have a good experience with the brand. Although it hasn’t been seen around MWC yet, they will probably have another event for this. No details have been revealed so far. But it will definitely be exciting to see how this multi-billion company enters the ‘wearable ‘market. Will they be aiming to compete with high end sports wearable from Samsung and Garmin, or will they offer an all purpose smartwatch like the Apple Watch, or enter a broader market by competing with Fitbit?

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