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Wearable camera roundup: FrontRow & Shonin

Wearable cameras like the Narrative Clip & GoPro did see limited success. Recently, the original Narrative Clip company shutdown and GoPro had significant losses last quarter. The wearable camera market might seem like a niche market to an extent. Interestingly recently launched wearable cameras- FrontRow camera & Shonin Streamcam go beyond lifelogging.

Shonin Streamcam

Shonin Camera


As an addition to Lifelogging, the Shonin Streamcam works as a security wearable. Shonin Streamcam comes with a magnetic clip. It records with a tap, storing the recorded video in an 8GB SD card or can also upload to the cloud. With WiFi or cellular connectivity you can also share your videos directly to Facebook or Youtube. It is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. (It already met it’s goal) The Shonin camera is equipped with a GPS sensor, has a 2.5 hour recording battery life and is IP67 waterproof.

The idea behind it is to use it to document road rage, threats, abuses of power, events and protests, and even assault. A wearable for personal safety is a great idea especially in unsafe cities.



Font Row Camera


The FrontRow is a wearable, pendant shape live streaming camera. It has an 8MP camera that gives you a 140 degree recording angle which is similar to a GoPro. The USP is that you can directly run a livestream through it on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for two hours completely hands free! It can also record stories automatically with its 48 hour standby battery life.

These new generation wearable cameras are definitely interesting. Looking at the history of wearable cameras, I do think that these are meant to be niche products. Putting it in context, the hyped Snapchat Spectacles contributed to $8 million in sales in Q1 2017. If executed well, for a small team working behind these wearables the niche might just be big enough.

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