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watchOS 4: The Apple Watch is becoming a complete lifestyle & fitness device

When the iPhone launched, it instantly became an integral part of the user’s lifestyle. The Apple Watch initially struggled like most wearables to prove its value to users. Over the last few Apple watchOS updates, it became more and more valuable becoming important for communication, fitness and so much more. watch OS 4 is another major update bringing in a Siri watch face and more fitness features.


The new watchOS 4 can now automatically track swims. Also, it has new heart rate algorithms to measure High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts in a better way. The new watchOS 4 comes with GymKit, a way to connect to cardio machines that are compatible with GymKit to get more accurate data about the workout. That will help getting better data out of workouts which is a key use case of the Apple Watch.



Apart from being a great communication device, apps made the iPhone into the ultimate lifestyle device. The Apple Watch is trying to be more appealing to larger masses by touting functionality beyond fitness & notifications. watchOS 4 comes with a new Siri watch face that acts like your personal assistant, giving you information about your day from sources like Apple News, alarms, activity, calendar, reminders and maps. The wrist is actually a great place to have all this information on the go.


In the past 3 years, payments have been a major area of disruption in the tech industry, especially around peer-to-peer payments. WatchOS 4 allows users to send and receive payments through Apple Pay using Messages and Siri. This would definitely help in boosting Apple Pay’s adoption.

The wrist use-case is being expanded with this new functionality. Though, I am waiting for the next Apple Watch to be a good independent device using an e-sim like the Huawei Watch 2 & Galaxy Gear S3!