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Using Journal Apps to capture travel experiences

To be the best of the storytellers, you’d want to have vivid descriptions of your escapades. People travel to have a sense of situations in life when they wish to have intense experiences. So naturally, you’d want to have a memento from that place. You could pick up fridge magnets or keychains to remind you of your travel. But it’s not the magnets or the keychains that’ll send you on a euphoric journey back in time into your travel, it’s not the material things that’ll make you laugh over a Saturday night beer; it’s the memories. The best souvenir you can pick up from any place while you’re travelling are the memories that you have of your journey. Recalling your travel adventures with a Journal app always pumps one up with an unexplainable pleasure.

Since the human brain can only hold limited information, it would be a whole lot easy to translate one’s adventures into words & photos so as to retain every detail about your experience. So what better way to keep a track of your memories, feelings and events than maintaining a digital journal? Journaling is a positive way to capture your emotions, as you recall all of your wondrous trips. It can make you feel happier, going through how great everything you are experiencing is. Your travel journal acts as a written guide in building memories and can enable you to reconstruct all the days of your trip, not missing out on any details which would otherwise have been forgotten. It’s not a diary, it’s a journal. The goal of travel journals is to make your travel experiences distinct from routine life. So now with your journal entries, you can stir up those memories, smile to yourself in reminiscence as you revisit your favourite travel destinations, with all its beauty captured in your notes. Moreover, keeping a travel journal minimises the chances of getting any of your facts wrong. “What are those rice cakes we had in Korea called?” Just take out your journal; why, it’s Dukbokki of course.

Alas, maintaining a journal is just like going to the gym. We all know it’s beneficial, but it just requires so much time and effort that we never end up doing it. And who wants to carry a journal with them, like on a sudden late night plan to BBQ on the beach right? But be it a late night BBQ plan, or a shifting of house, the only thing that you don’t lose or forget are your gadgets. By maintaining a journal app on your device, it lets you very easily organise all your memories. Feeling like reading what you were upto last summer at Denver? Just search the date or the tags in your Journal app instead of flipping through the pages of the many books you’d otherwise have to maintain.  Moreover with digital journaling you’re not restricted to the limitations of your ink, your vivid descriptions can be accompanied with those candid picture you took during that time or geotags of the places you’ve been to so you can watch your pictures/videos and know where they where taken. Journal apps can be more spontaneous and adoptable, as digital journaling isn’t restricted to when you have time to sit down on a table and write; you could be on your way to see a friend and update your journal in the taxi, because that’s how convenient it is; and it helps you update your journal while your memories are still crisp and vibrant.

If you want to experience the memories of your travel- your encounters, fresh experiences, lessons, feelings and thoughts are the colours on your palette; then of course, you’d need a canvas to compose all of it, a canvas that goes with you wherever you are and a canvas that you can never lose. Journaly is an intuitive app for your Mac designed to make digital journaling flexible and convenient. Write anywhere, anytime.

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