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5 Time Tracking Apps for 2016

Time Tracking is essential to be productive and maintain a Work/Life balance. It is also great for freelancers and in the workplace to track time being spent on work. Time Trackers are definitely useful to create productive habits.

Here is a list of 5 Time-Tracking apps that you can use to be more productive:

1 Instant

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Instant automatically tracks the time you spend on your activities and puts it on a dashboard. It tracks your phone/apps usage, places, travel, fitness & sleep! If you have a wearable, it can also connect to your dashboard. Instant is available on iOS and Android:


2 Hours


Simple, complete time tracking by Tapity. Create timers for tasks and there are great looking visuals for it. It has a simple user interface, something iOS users will really like. Originally an iOS time tracker, now available for the web & Apple Watch as well:

3 Timely


Schedule your time and share it with your team. It has a neat user experience. The best feature of Timely is its integration with your calendar. It is available for iOS & web:

4 Toggl

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.42.39 pm

Toggl has a really powerful and popular desktop app with a big list of deep integrations which adds good utility. It has a nice one click tracking interface with team support too. The reports it provides are really handy. You can find it here:

5 Paymo


Paymo focusses on Product Management time tracking for teams. It is focussed for small and medium businesses rather than individuals. You can learn more here:

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