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The Quantified Car

The Quantified Self has been evolving and crossing barriers. A new trend in personal analytics is the Quantified car movement. Vehicles are very expensive to use and maintain these days. The gas prices have surging in the past few years but, they’re still pretty expensive. The cost of maintenance tools and fluids used is also increasing, as our cars become more expensive. To track all of this, people have started Quantifying car activities.

So, what is a Quantified car? A Quantified car is a car which keeps record of stats of the cars performance and usage. This can show us how we can improve on it. The Quantified car concept is supposed to help you reduce the running cost of your car. To reduce the car’s maintenance cost, we have to make sure that we are handling our car well. This is pretty hard to keep track of manually but, Quantified car devices are available to automatically keep track.


These Quantified Car devices like Automatic, track your rough driving  like rough braking and extreme speed surges. The device then notifies us if we are going overboard with it. This will help in keeping the dreaded check engine light away and increases the life of the machines used in the car.

Keeping a track of the cars efficiency is also important. So, it tracks efficiency and provides us with real time advice to improve whilst driving. We actually become very cautious in this case while driving and this not only helps in increasing economy but keeps us more focused on our driving. Hence reducing the chances of accidents. This is just like Quantified Self devices that make you more self-aware.

The Quantified Car has a huge scope. It can develop in all directions from improving the performance of the car to observing the comfort of the passengers in the cars. The car could observe the comfort level of the passenger in various settings & vibrations of the car. The Quantified Car device can workout settings for the maximum possible comfort with the most economical performance of the car in the shortest time.

The Quantified Car can be a big part of self driving cars too. Imagine cars that can not only operate themselves but also, take care of themselves. The cars will be completely independent with these analytics and won’t need any human assistance.

Automatic’s car device can make any car into brought some of the possibilities to reality :

– It can be connected into the OBDII port which has been made standard to all vehicles produced after 1996.

– It tracks all your tracking things like time in travel, distance travelled, and m0re importantly the efficiency of the car. It also takes estimates of gas prices and tells you how much spent on a trip.

– This tracks your routes taken and its particularly useful in finding where we have parked the car (doesn’t everybody forget where they’ve parked their car once in a while ?)

Automatic Car Tracker Quantified

– It notifies you when the check engine light comes on with a detailed analysis. This helps us to diagnose the problem rather than just seeing that there’s a problem.

– It notifies you about rough driving like rough braking, acceleration surges, going over 70 mph and drastically helps us improve the efficiency.

Right now, it can connect only to your iPhone. It is available for a decent price of $99. There’s still a long way to go though with the number expanding scope of observing the vehicle.

Governments & municipalities also want car driving data to create the most economical routes and help the citizens. This helps the government save money and also the commuters. The Android Auto team is already working with some municipalities on this. Insurance companies and car renting companies are quite enthusiastic about this technology because it allows them to view data on the conditions of the cars. This helps them get a better picture on them helping them save a lot of money.

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