Sania Sania

The Apple Watch is changing our everyday lives

The Apple Watch is seems to be leading over Fitbit’s sales in new reports. People are looking forward to the next WatchOS in June and also, the new Apple Watch coming out later in September. We have been analysing how the Apple Watch has been making a positive affects on it’s users lifestyle.

Activity Tracker

Apple Watch Activity app


The Activity app is an ultimate center for all data the watch collects from a person’s daily movement. It basically keeps a track of all the activity you do throughout the day while you’re not working out. The app gives you a glance of your day in the form of three key points- Move, Exercise, and Stand. These key points are represented by three Rings, you can have a glimpse of it throughout the day to find out how close you are at reaching your targets.

The Move ring tracks the number of calories you’ve burned, the Exercise ring tracks the number of minutes you’ve spent doing stimulating activity, and the Stand ring tracks if you’ve spent at least 1 minute standing in an hour.

The watch alerts you throughout the day by sending you notifications at various points, to help you know how close you are to meet your exercise goal.



Workout Tracker

The Workout App is Apple’s own mother solution to track workouts. It allows you to choose between different outdoor and indoor activities. Just select the type of workout you want to do, and Apple Watch will turn on the appropriate sensors.

Apple Watch and the motion activity from iPhone is used to measure distance, your heart rate, calories burned, and few other data, as accurately as possible. Since it’s water resistant, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting sweat on it or doing rain workouts.

It gives you a detailed and comprehensive summary, and your workout counts for your Exercise ring measurements for the day.


Apple Watch 2 Surf Swim

Apple along with upgrading the water resistance with new gaskets and badge to make it suitable for swimming,  has come out with two swimming workouts- ‘Pool Swim’ and’ Open Water Swim’. While using Pool Swim, you have to precisely and accurately set the pool length to assist your Apple Watch measure distance and laps. One unique feature is that once the workout begins, the Apple Watch screen automatically locks to prevent accidental taps that can occur. If you want to pause your workout at any point, you can simply press the Digital Crown and the side button simultaneously. Pressing them again resumes the workout tracking.

The watch accurately senses individual strokes and the turns at the ends of the pool to calculate and measure the distance you’ve traveled, elapsed time, and calories burned.

During the workout, water may prevent a heart rate measurement, but Apple Watch will still continue to track your calories using the built-in accelerometer.

Heart Rate Tracker


The Apple Watch is known to be one of the most impressive heart rate tracking gadget.
It tracks your heart rate automatically unless you turn off the wrist sensors to save power. You can have a snapshot of daily record of your heart’s highs and lows.
Using Heart Rate App, you can have a look at your heart rate any time. Just open the app, and wait for Apple Watch to measure your heart rate.

When you are using the Workout app, the Apple Watch measures your heart rate continuously during the workout.

This information, and other data it collects, helps Apple Watch have an estimate of how many calories you’ve burned. In addition, Apple Watch measures your heart rate throughout the day even when you’re still. And you can view these background heart rate measurements in the Health app on your iPhone.