Sania Sania

The Apple Watch for Niche Fitness Enthusiasts

Apple launched its first Watch two years back, which didn’t really focus on fitness and tracking. Then about 6 months back it came out with Apple Watch Series 2 which added lots of new fitness related features. But is it really a Smartwatch for the fitness enthusiast niche?

We have fitness bands like Garmin Forerunner and Fitbits which are more well-grounded at recording workouts and are cheaper too. Whereas smartwatches now are just trying to put their feet in two boats, having some fitness features and adding productivity value. The Apple Watch is striving to match the extraordinary high standard and probably it’s the software which is pulling down the Apple Watch. But we all can hope for the new major software update to take a good leap for all the fitness enthusiasts.

If you are Apple fan and a fitness freak at the same time, then it’s sad to know that this watch doesn’t live up to the expectations for everyone. Although its Activity App is just next to perfect if you want to live a healthy life but not when it comes to running or swimming. So the main question we have to tackle is that will smartwatch ever be a perfect choice for sports?

You will notice that almost all sport watch depend on regular buttons and reflective display, the reason behind it is smartwatches run third-party apps on them which require glitzy things like multi-touch retina display and the biggest problem related with having these feature is the threat to battery life. And also other problems like difficulty in accessing touch screen when its gets damp or wet.

Sport watches are any day much more convenient and reliable to use because you can easily log your workout and won’t need any another fancy features. Whereas smartwatches are little complex and unassertive about your stuff going right.



GPS signal strength bar is one issue which needs to be looked upon. There are always obstructions for the GPS signal. Although there are third-party app which resolve this problem by adding signal strength bars but this feature should already be in-built in the watch.

Elevation Tracked

After discovering that Apple Watch has GPS, you must be wondering if it could track your hilly bike rides and hikes, unfortunately that’s not possible yet. While you may have traveled miles but you won’t be able to figure out how high you have climbed and that is because Apple Watch doesn’t track elevations. There are few third-party hiking apps like ViewRanger which show elevations, provided you are carrying your iPhone along.

Third-Party Apps

Apple Watch 2 Surf Swim

When it comes to logging in your workout, reviewing your progress or sharing it with others then the built-in Workout App is not enough. You will need a Third Party App to do the same. However the major issue with such apps is that syncing your workout to the iPhone’s app is highly unreliable as there can be times when your entire hard-earned workout log disappears in a second. Along with that you can’t perform certain functions like activating the waterproof mode or use the button to pause a workout.

Built-In Fitness Apps

Apple needs to start improving it’s built in Workout App. They shall have a companion app in the iPhone, iPad and Mac as that’s something every user expects in order to review their progress regularly. User want meaningful and detailed stats and graphs of they are doing. It can only show one work out at a time and for extracting any data you will have to search in the Activity App where it might get mixed up with the daily track records.

The Apple Watch is improving with every OS update for fitness enthusiasts and the App Store catalog is growing too. We all are waiting to use Apple Watch as a sole wearable when it comes to fitness. With collaborations with Nike, it shows Apple is serious about getting their Apple Watch in the fitness niche.