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Technology disruption with Hillel Fuld

Talking about disruption in technology with Hillel Fuld who is Israel’s most popular tech evangelist working at Zula and mentoring many others. He also is a great inspiration to us at Emberify!

1. How do you see the Israeli startup scene growing compared to San Francisco?

That is a very interesting question. Obviously Silicon Valley is super hot when it comes to innovation but there are definitely some fundamental differences between what goes on in Israel and there. For one, Israel is obviously a tiny country and per capita, the number of entrepreneurs in Israel is unprecedented. Also, serial entrepreneurship, without conducting a scientific study, seems to be more common here. In the valley, everyone has a startup. In Israel, everyone has 4 startups. Additionally, in the valley, there is little or no separation between the tech world and daily life. Want a cab? Uber. Want a place? Airbnb. Want your laundry done? Another app. Etc. In Israel, that separation still exists but it is starting to disappear as well with the launch of Uber Tel Aviv.

2. What’s the next big thing in team communication from Zula?

Traction. You see, there are many players in the team communication space and yet, no one  has owned it. Teams, whether it is startups, families, design firms, or anything else, still use 10 tools to communicate. We need to fix that. It’s 2014. No reason to be dependent on Email, Skype, Dropbox, Google Talk, WhatsApp, Gchat, Google Drive, Asana, and more. We as teams should be able to use one tool and get stuff done.

3. What do you think of contextual apps?

Big fan of Everything.Me and other apps in that space. There is no question whatsoever that as time passes, our mobile devices are getting to know us better and learning to serve us better. Context is a very hot topic in mobile now and rightfully so. Big things to come in that space, I am sure!

4. In your opinion what’s the next big disruptive thing in the technology landscape? (IoT, Wearables or even something that we haven’t heard about)

Difficult question. I am a fan of wearable tech and personally walk around with a Pebble Steel and a Jawbone Up. Clearly that will be a huge market, as will IOT. I feel like the medical space is still pretty ripe for disruption and Apple made its move, which means mobile healthcare is going to go mainstream soon and we will see many many companies disrupting the way the medical field conducts itself.

5. What are some of your favourite apps and platform of choice?

I use iOS but am a fan of Windows Phone as well, especially some of the Nokia flagships. Favorite apps include Zula, Flipboard, Instagram, Timehop, Wibbitz, Nuzzel, Touch Retouch, and of course Tweetbot!


Hillel Fuld is the CMO at Zula and advices many other startups. He’s a Tech blogger who contributes to sites such as The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Mashable, Gigaom, and others. In addition, Hillel is a startup mentor at Google Israel, Microsoft Accelerator, Jerusalem Startup Hub. You can follow him on twitter: @hilzfuld. He’ll also be speaking at The Zula Messaging Summit in New York on the 4th of November!

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