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Shanghai and the technology landscape

I’m writing this post from Shanghai where I just spoke at the Tizen Developer Summit on Contextual apps for Tizen and also attended the Game Developer Summit China.

I am observing the trends here in China and I see a good number of individual developers and startups targeting China rather than the entire world. Since the market is so huge to begin with, added with its growth and diverse nature from the rest of the world startups here are targeting only the Chinese market. Even in terms of games, its highly localised content that is being consumed here.  Thats one of the reasons its very tough for companies from outside to penetrate into this massive market. Innovation being done here is with local problems in mind. Its not surprising that Xiaomi is the most successful mobile company here.

With Facebook, Twitter, Google ban here in China there are worthy localised replacements like Baidu(search), Sina Weibo(Social networking) and Tencent QQ(IM). The Android devices here are more fragmented than rest of the world. Majority of the devices have 3rd party app stores and very customised Android ROMs. Apart from this eCommerce is owned by Alibaba in China. It is interesting to see that most of these services don’t have a massive worldwide footprint maybe because of the size and diversity of the market. Personally I see a potential of English oriented services like Uber English here.

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