Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

Robots, the next form for lifelogging?

Starting from bulky clip on devices to wearables, lifelogging devices have been seen in all types of form factors. The Kuri robot is the latest addition to lifelogging devices. Kuri is developed by Mayfield Robotics, was unveiled earlier this year at the CES.  Kuri is built to record family memories as videos with contextual understanding.



Kuri can understand it’s surroundings and even recognize certain people around. It can react with facial emotions to questions. Also, it can play music and other audio content like podcasts. To record your life it has a 1080p camera and a microphone. Kuri records a lot of videos throughout the day but shares only the top 8 using AI to filter them out. A good use case for Kuri would be in a house with children or if the user wants to check on their pets from work.

I can see the use case for Kuri expand beyond life logging with an array of sensors and in-built AI. You can probably use Kuri in the future as a Google Home or Amazon Echo on wheels. (R2D2?)
Audio input devices have become really popular for the ease of interaction. Recently we even saw an Amazon Echo Dot being used in a car for the infotainment system. It will be interesting to see how consumers react to a lifelogging robot.