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RIP Hamburger Menu- 3D Touch

The Hamburger menu(aka side menu aka drawer), easily the most abused UI element at every recent WWDC after Apple removed the Hamburger Menu Controller from Xcode. Every year Apple’s design team takes out a few minutes at their conference to explain to developers why not to use the Hamburger menu.


Here are some of the popular reasons:

1. Since the navigation options of the hamburger menu are not always visible, it leads to users forgetting these features or options leading to poor engagement.

2. Clash with the back navigation.

3. With large phone screens it is tough to get to the top left of the screen with your thumb.

4. Double the taps to reach the destination

Hamburger menu


With iOS’s tab bar it is convenient to replace the Hamburger menu even if a list is needed within a tab. For Android it continues to be the most important way of navigating. (To combat this apart from keeping the app drawer in Android we provide the important navigation options from the main UI so the user can discover these features)


3D touch can provide us a way to provide contextual pop up menus or details on the same UI. It would be more fluidic but would need some subtle animations or onboarding efforts to explain to the user. 3D Touch will bring in gestures that couldn’t be implemented before, giving users a new way to navigate through apps.

I’m looking forward to see how designers use 3D Touch to make the app UI/UX more fluidic.