Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

The Quantified Self and Lifelogging Report

Emberify prepared the Quantified Self and Lifelogging report on how sensors from the phone, wearables and IoTs are taking lifelogging to the next level. The contextual data from sensors is making the whole Quantified Self experience automatic & more accurate.



At Emberify, we are constantly researching the Quantified Self and Lifelogging market to learn about trends and where the market is going.(which we share on the Emberify Blog) We look at Quantified Self as an extension of context. With more sensors from not only smartphones but also wearables and IoTs we can get more accurate and diverse data about the user. This enables us to track everything automatically. We believe the Quantified Self can enable users to be more productive and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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