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The Quantified Self Guide for Beginners

For beginners, wanting to get into the Quantified Self movement, this guide is for you. From what is the Quantified Self movement to what are the best ways to start lifelogging. This guide is the Quantified Self 101. beginners

The simplest way of thinking about the Quantified Self is as personal analytics. Imagine Google Analytics for your life instead of your website. You can track trends using wearable trackers & smartphone apps, understand yourself better and improve your life based on this data.

Here is a quick guide to make the Quantified Self movement a part of your life:

1. You can begin the journey of lifelogging automatically with these apps: 5 Lifelogging apps for 2016. These apps will keep track of your life automatically.

2. To better understand the components of self-tracking: Building Blocks of Lifelogging.

3. Understanding some of the trends around the Quantified Self: Lifelogging and The Quantified Self. Also this presentation is great report on the current state of the Quantified Self movement.

4. Many beginners found Instant as a great way of starting off.

5. Follow this guide to move ahead: 5 steps for a Quantified Self