Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

My Quantified Self goals for 2016

For 2016, I am going to be taking a resolution to track more data about myself and take actions based on that. I am looking to self-track in areas I think I need to improve like productivity, sleep & fitness. To work on these parameters I plan to study my data as monthly reports.

My Quantified Self 2016 plan:

1.  Productivity: Using Instant I am going to track my device usage, time at office, time on my Mac & the number of times I am checking my phone. With Instant’s upcoming weekly reports I plan to take action on this data, which should improve my productivity. I have been reading on how self-tracked data is helping people get more conscious in a good way.

2. Sleep: I have been observing with my non-uniform & late sleeping habits I wake up feeling groggy and am also less productive in the morning. To improve that I am going to try using my Jawbone Up’s sleep tracking to begin with, to study my sleep cycles in detail. Once I understand what kind of a pattern is working out for me, I’ll use Instant’s new sleep tracking feature to track my sleep timings just using my phone. I think sleep has a big part to play when it comes to mood & alertness throughout the day.

3. Fitness: Most of my fitness activities are done at the gym, where I don’t like to wear a wearable or carry my smartphone to. (Workouts at the gym can’t even be tracked with precision) So I am looking to track the results with my Withings Smart Scale using fat percentage & heart rate. Other than that my daily activity is being tracked by Instant and our upcoming app Fit Time.

I am also looking at how I can track my mood automatically using data from social networks. Applying sentiment analysis on my social posts could be useful for this.

Other than that I am exploring ways of how I can publish monthly reports, once I have that figured out, we will be making that technology available to everyone as a part of Instant! Hopefully we can get close to something like Feltron reports.

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