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Quantified Dog

Today I came across the #QuantifiedDog hashtag on Twitter which reminded me about how QS could be extended to our pets. Pet care being a large market in the U.S- $60 billion for 80 million dogs. I’ve seen a few startups making specific Quantified Self tools for dogs and also individual experiments, tracking pets using wearables for humans.

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Snoopy being a Labrador lives quite the lazy life

It seems useful, since our pets can’t communicate with us. The Quantified Self tools for dogs can give us data indicating health of pets. Cats, dogs and horses can be tracked for activity and sleep as well. Wearables like the Whistle(the Fitbit for dogs) can set up activity targets for pets. These wearables just have to be attached to a dog collar.  Its great to check up on your dog even if you’re away travelling.

FitBark estimates the wearble market for animals would grow to $2.6 billion compared to the $70 billion overall estimate of wearable tech in 2025.