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Quantified Blood: Keeping track of your health through blood tests

Body parameter tracking is a rapidly growing space. The rise of this technology makes it easy to track and measure your health parameters from home. Blood can indicate a variety of health indicators. The important part is to understand which parameters are the most relevant to us. This can be done by taking a look at the family’s medical history and getting some tests done to know. The parameters depend a lot on where you live and your diet. The deficient or excessive parameters need to be taken care of to be healthy in the best manner possible.

Blood glucose

Type 2 Diabetes is a problem growing large and wide. It is a problem that quite a few people have or have a family history regarding. There’s always the possibility of juvenile diabetes too. It’s become very easy these days to keep track of our blood glucose levels using blood test kits. We’ve got a lot of applications to help us not only keep record but, also to do some necessary calculations.


S health is a really good application for health tracking on Android phones. It allows to track a lot of parameters regarding our health. It keeps track of our fitness (steps), Heart rate (if you have a compatible heart rate monitor connected to your phone or your wearable), Stress level (using the heart rate), records your weight, Blood glucose, Blood pressure showing trends in them too. A lot of devices like the OneTouch Flex which calculate the results directly connect to your phone and show trends.

OneTouch Verio Sync meter is great for iOS devices. It has a glucometer which syncs data wirelessly to iOS device making it very easy to keep track. This skips the process of having to test the blood on different devices and to log the results in your phone. There are applications like Glucose Buddy on available on the App Store for keeping track of your blood glucose if you already have the machine at home.

Vitamin D deficiency

As most of our day is confined within the walls of a building not getting enough sun exposure. This is leaded to increasing Vitamin D deficiencies. However, there are some rare conditions where people are getting excessive Vitamin D which is also bad. In common, Vitamin D tests are done to help:

– Maintain or improve bone health.

– Problems related to the parathyroid gland.

Vitamin D testing and tracking devices are not available in so widely. But, there are a few interesting products available on the market.

The Cue health tracker is an amazing product in this space. It not only helps keep vitamin D in check but, also inflammation, influenza, Testosterone, fertility. Its a very convenient portable device that connects to your smartphone to show the trends and more information. We just have to collect the required sample on the wand and insert it into the machine to get an analyzed result within minutes. The required samples also aren’t very hard to collect. They are: droplet of saliva for testosterone, swab of nose for influenza and a droplet of blood for the rest. The application feels like a piece of art. It gives smart suggestions based on your data for you to implement based on the acquired data. It also shows a Flu map. This is based on the flu stats in your community helping you remain safer. This is a really good feature to help you remain safe. This device is available for $199 on preorder.

Products like SunSmart are aimed to determine your possible sun exposure in some places in Australia. It helps users to be sure when it’s safe to get some sun exposure for vitamin D.

Gene Analysis

Gene analysis can predict health parameters to be cautious about. This is useful in detecting hereditary diseases. The most common name that’s around for gene analysis in 23andMe. It basically analyzes your genes and tells you what diseases you are more likely to contract. A very interesting part of this is that it tells you about your ancestry too. It has a huge community so, it shows who across the globe is linked to you via DNA too. The kit is available for $149 and requires you to put in your samples and then post it back to to them.


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  • Anthony Close

    http://www.labme.ai is a very convenient and affordable way to test and track all of these and more.