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Improving the Quality of Life with Context Aware Computing

Technology in general is evolving in leaps and bounds in recent times. While the consumer market is exposed to the changes and developments in the mobile and application world, another major development is brewing in the software world. With developments such as Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and a better design, the development and popularisation of context was also seen.

Context is the defining interface between the sensors and the algorithm which crunches the data collected from the sensors. We’ve already spoken about it in some articles, but those were in relation to the Quantified Self movement. In this particular article, I take a look at how Context Aware Computing can help in improving workspace cultures, computing philosophies and life in general.

(Terminology Credits: C Simplify IT)


Context has been seen only as a service till now, but emerging trends hint at Context breaking the boundaries of its usage as a mere software tool and turning out to be a key driving force in workspace cultures.

In fact, researches from Gartner have pointed out that Context Aware Services have the power to revolutionise almost every industry: right form private to public enterprises. To sum things up, Context can be used for the following purposes.


Well this was a given, actually. Context is the interface between the sensors and the software analysing the information, and with the help of context, user behavioural patterns can be analysed better. This has been the prime facet of the Qualified Self, which is basically the Quantified Self movement with the element of Context.

(Terminology Credits : Eloittlemanager)

The data which is collected can be used to design automated responses and events: either through actions predefined by the user, or through rule learning engines.


This is actually an element that is used by quite a few websites, some video streaming sites in particular. Based on the user’s preference for certain types of content, the website can automatically suggest content which might be relevant and interesting to the user.

This would also reduce the ‘Spam’ or irritating advertisements. All in all, improve the quality of content to make the user experience a better one. This is a key aspect to take note of, specially while designing applications or websites.


Now this is going in tune with the point of relevance. If the website or the application continuously delivers content to the user’s liking, the loyalty of that user will definitely increase manifold. Moreover, a new type of marketing technique is emerging. Called the ‘Context Aware Marketing’ strategy, it involves providing offers, discounts and other incentives to the customer based on the customer’s buying and interest patterns.

In fact, context will be growing tremendously, as evident from the following industry specific projections.

(Data Source: Gartner)


Ultimately, the prime aim of context – and technology in general – is improving the quality of life for the end user. I’ve already discussed in detail about the Internet Of Things, and a primary factor responsible for its success is the inclusion of the element of context in the devices. Based on behaviour patterns, strategies and actions can be defined which will undoubtedly make life easier for the end user.


According to Gartner, Context will reframe most organisations’ strategies. In a nutshell, these are as follows.

• Adoption of Context Aware Computing will be fuelled by Software, Service and Device providers.

• Enterprises will revamp their CRM strategies around media broadcast and payment.

• Enterprises and service providers will modify future user experiences to leverage intent, inferred from emotion and actions, to motivate changes in end-user behavior.

• With the developments in Context, there will also be a growth in Context aware fraud. IT organisations will have to beef up their security strategies and implement context aware fraud detection and strategy.

Context is definitely going to be booming soon, as proved by the following projections.

(Data Source: Gartner)


Context is definitely the next big thing in the technology sector. There will be a high level of competition in the corporate sector based on this one aspect, and it will be exciting to see how things turn out for Context in the near future!

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