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Privacy with tracking on your iPhone and Android phone

An iPhone today is packed with about 10 sensors! Sensors bring in great context to your mobile experience. But with all that sensor data, there is a major privacy risk. Apple is leading the privacy space with their research into differential privacy- A way to keep your individual data private by using hashing and aggregates to enable crowdsourced learning.

When it comes to privacy, location data is a key sensitive information about a person. On Android & iOS your phone is tracking your visited locations! If this is something that you are not comfortable with, you can disable it from your settings.

Apple Privacy

iOS location tracking

To disable your iPhone from tracking your frequently visited places, head to Settings > Chose Privacy > Location Services > Head to the bottom of the list where you can tap on Frequent Locations

Here you will be able to see your frequently visited place, you can clear out this data and also disable your frequent location tracking. Ads tracking can also be set to limited from your privacy settings on your iPhone.



Android location tracking

On Android, to stop your phone from tracking your location, go to Settings > Tap Location > Scroll down and tap on Google Location Settings

Here you can tap on Location Reporting and Location History and disable them. Though this will also disable the context apps like Google Now or Foursquare. All this location history can also be accessed from a web dashboard of your Google account.

3rd Party Apps

Third party apps that you install on your phone have more data about you than you would think. You should always check there privacy policies and permissions to have a better idea of what personal information and data you’re giving up. Especially, when it comes to social networks. Many 3rd party apps and services have had major data breaches in the past few years. Even big companies like Yahoo! have had there user data stolen by hackers. With growing personal information from social networks and real-world data through smartphone sensors, people need to be cautious and more careful about privacy risks.

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