Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

Pokémon Go – Fitness Gamified!

With millions of people hooked on to Pokémon Go, it is interesting to see people walking, running and cycling around to get more Pokémon, visiting Pokémon gyms and levelling up. It definitely is doing wonders in terms of getting people to be more active.



I was talking to a friend who is an avid Pokémon Go player, he clearly could correlate using Instant Coach, how his walking time has had a major boost with Pokémon Go. On days that he spent more time catching Pokémon, his walking time was proportional. But that is just one person, Jawbone released data of how their users who play Pokémon Go have increased walking significantly.






I feel Pokémon Go is one of the best ways possible to gamify fitness. I remember many years back, my friends and me being glued into our Gameboy Advance playing Pokemon Ruby. It is interesting to see the Pokémon culture coming back with Pokémon walk events to capture Pokémon in groups. Visiting Pokestops, hatching eggs and catching a variety of Pokémon requires significant amount of steps. People are walking distances like 5 kilometers to hatch an egg!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Location based fitness apps have been always popular, but with Pokémon Go it has become addictive. Especially, it will motivate kids from a young age to be active rather than sitting at home on video games. (Not that adults aren’t storming Central Park to catch Pokémon)