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Personal Analytics: My story with data

Analytics has been a part of technology companies for decades to help improve products & take decisions based on data. Our mission at Emberify is that we want to provide the world with personal analytics so that people can change the way they perceive themselves & improve their lives based on this data. We want personal analytics to be seamless, all in one place for an integrated experience. With an average of seven sensors in a mobile phone we can harness this data and track our entire life automatically to make it better. We are trying to do that through our personal analytics platform called Instant.

That said data is already driving lots of decisions in our lives. Currently, I see data being targeted at mostly fitness or finance. Millions of people are tracking their fitness using specialised devices like smartwatches. People are now tracking their monthly finances & budgets through apps, some of them even coming from banks. Apart from wearables, with the average seven sensors coming in with every smartphone their is abundance of data that we can track about ourselves.

Self-tracking is not a new concept. It’s been years since ‘Quantified Self’ enthusiasts have been tracking all kinds of data. Many of these have been to find or solve a medical disorder. It is quite creative on how these self-tracking techniques are being used for pets & even babies!

With all these new wearables & IoTs there are so many new frontiers of self-tracking. In my own experience, it was interesting how my Withings Smart Scale motivated me to eat healthy & go to the gym. I even saw myself losing couple of pounds in that process and getting more fit.

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Data driving my life

It’s all about the progress. At Emberify I use analytics (Google Analytics, iTunes Connect app analytics, Google Play Analytics, Jetpack & Flurry) to track my users, customers and sales everyday. It gives us a good perspective of how we are performing in the market and areas that we can improve on. It is quite similar to how my smart weighing scale was giving me data with graphs on my weight, body fat & heart rate. That fat percentage line graph moving down was motivating me everyday. At Emberify I had a sales target according to my business model, similarly my smart scale app helped me decide a fat percentage goal. Not only at work, I was being able to make data driven decisions about my lifestyle.

I have been expanding that with Instant– now I control how long I use my phone, how long I walk everyday, my sleep routine and how long I spend at office. This way I am seeing my productivity & health improve.

Rather than strapping on a couple of devices on our body, it works much better when data can be tracked in a more seamless manner, like with the smartphone for example. Apart from the Smart Scale, Google had sent over half a dozen of fitness tracking devices & wearables that didn’t fit my lifestyle which is why I ended up using them only a couple of times. I am looking forward to 2016 to see what other aspects of my life I can track without going overboard, in a simple and more automatic way.

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