4 Ways the Apple Watch Series 2 is the best Quantified Self wearable

Apple just announced the Apple Watch – Series 2 last week along with the brand new iPhone 7 (Yes, the one without the headphone jacks). While its release was dwarfed by that of the iPhone, the new watch comes with significant upgrades that now make it much better than its predecessor. While it looks the same […]

Wearables for kids

The applications of wearables are expanding to a wide variety of niches. One of the recent trends, especially in China is wearables for kids. Chinese company BBK which sells a children smartwatch, has captured equivalent market share of Samsung! Children today, tend to be stuck to their television and have so many gadgets around them, […]

Q1 2016 Wearable Market growing 67%: Wearables living upto the growth expectations

IDC’s report for wearables in Q1 2016 is just in, wearable shipment are up 67%! It is a really interesting quarter for wearables with the Apple Watch expanding worldwide. The total shipments this quarter are at 19.7 million from 11.8 million in Q1 last year. In summary, it looks like Fitbit is still winning the […]

Enhancing productivity in workplaces, through Wearables

We’ve reached that point in the tech timeline where consumer wearables are inching towards the end of their growth phase. Once a raging movement, the forthcoming trends seem to be in favour of more generic concepts, such as Artificial Intelligence, AR and VR. While wearables have always been popular – with an IDC prediction stating 111 […]