How Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Wearables

Artificial Intelligence has become a major part in our wearable interaction experience. The whole idea behind Artificial Intelligence is to make a computer, robot, software, or a device think intelligently, in the same way how humans thinks. For years we were relying on mouse and keyboards for input, but with time technology evolved. From laptop touch-pads we […]

Apple takes lead in the wearable market with the Apple Watch

Apple steals the limelight once again, this time with the Apple Watch. According to latest data released by Strategy Analytics, in the first quarter of 2017 Apple becomes the largest wearable vendor in the world taking over Fitbit’s top position for the first time. Apple holds 16% market share which is the highest off all. […]

Wearable Safety: Apple Patent Disables Wearables When It Detects the User Driving

Wearables can be distracting at times. Especially, when a person is driving. We saw it with the Google Glass, Snap Spectacles and even smartwatches. Apple just got a new patent that could place a limit on notifications on the Apple Watch in order to enhance driver safety.  Its aim is to identify if you’re sitting […]