Wearables moving beyond wellness applications as medical devices

The FDA has just cleared Kardiaband by AliveCor, which is the first medical device accessory for the Apple Watch. Kardiaband records a medical-grade EKG as an Apple Watch strap and has an Apple Watch app providing a graph and data of the EKG. This is a leap ahead for wearables as we are moving beyond […]

The Future of Heart Rate Tracking with AI

Reinventing the wheel isn’t always easy. The sentiment applies more so in the space of sensor tech, wherein the only advancements that can be made are more often in the efficiency of measurement, footprint reduction and more sensitive recording parameters. But then, there’s also the concept of reinventing the applications of the wheel. And that’s […]

Diffrential Privacy with AI and the future of health tracking

One of the major reasons people are vary of jumping onto the self-tracking wagon is privacy of their data. Granted, when you’re trusting a fitness tracker to record how much you’ve run and how your heart rate varies, you’re trusting a slew of services that are working in the background. How can that balance be achieved?

watchOS 4: The Apple Watch is becoming a complete lifestyle & fitness device

When the iPhone launched, it instantly became an integral part of the user’s lifestyle. The Apple Watch initially struggled like most wearables to prove its value to users. Over the last few Apple watchOS updates, it became more and more valuable becoming important for communication, fitness and so much more. watch OS 4 is another […]

The Health Insurance Industry is being disrupted by lifelogging technologies

Here’s an open secret to start things off: Connected technologies are evolving like never before. We’ve always seen the advent of wearable manufacturers and have seen different use cases for trackers, and while the market might be plateauing a little, it’s opening a window to explore more varied use cases.