What’s new around the Quantified Self- September

Here is a compilation of our monthly Quantified Self headlines. Some interesting news in August: – McDonald’s recalled the activity trackers that they gave out with Happy Meals last month around the Olympics. They got customer complaints that the device was causing skin burns & itching. (Source) – The US International trade federation ruled that Fitbit didn’t […]

4 Ways the Apple Watch Series 2 is the best Quantified Self wearable

Apple just announced the Apple Watch – Series 2 last week along with the brand new iPhone 7 (Yes, the one without the headphone jacks). While its release was dwarfed by that of the iPhone, the new watch comes with significant upgrades that now make it much better than its predecessor. While it looks the same […]

Context: The solution for a seamless Quantified Self

The Quantified Self market has grown in the past year with an array of tracking wearables with expert services. With wearables & sensors in our smartphone, lots of data can be tracked automaticall. But that’s where the contextual experience ends. It needs to go beyond this. For example knowing what data to present when according to the user’s […]

What’s new around the The Quantified Self- August

I am putting together a few important headlines around the Quantified Self movement every month. Here are some interesting headlines for the month of August so far: – McDonald’s is giving out activity trackers with Happy Meals in US & Canada!  These ‘STEP-it’ trackers are to encourage children to be more active.  [Source] – There […]

Improving Health and Happiness, through the Quantified Self

The Quantified Self movement is easily the bridge between big data analytics and personal applications. In fact, the focal point is now tilting towards making big data as personal as possible – through wearables becoming the recording equipment, along with suitable data aggregator and analysis services, lifeloggers are able to effectively capture and assess the […]