New technology in the iPhone 7 – Enhancing lifelogging

A couple of weeks back when the iPhone 7 was made official, it made quite a few headlines. The obvious variation over its predecessors was the removal of the headphone jack, along with the inclusion of beefier specifications, a dual-camera setup in the 7 Plus and a water resistant design to boot. Not bad for […]

5 ways to make your iPhone the ultimate lifelogging device with Instant!

iOS 10 has brought a bunch of new features for the iPhone. With Siri integrations, iMessage apps, lock screen widgets; apps are more powerful then ever. Instant for the iPhone & Apple Watch is great for both, those of you who are new to lifelogging, or even if you have been already tracking your health or fitness. Here are 5 […]

You’ve been lifelogging all this time and didn’t even realise it

The standard textbook definition of lifelogging would be to document aspects of our lives: record various parameters and stats and then analyse them later to make any sense of the data. Lifelogging in turn makes way for the Quantified Self, which implies a quantified lifestyle. All this might seem confusing for newbies to the concept. But […]