Fitness technology is getting serious

At Emberify as we move ahead with our context aware apps, fitness is a very critical point of data. With the new fitness platforms: Apple Health and Google Fit data is getting more accessible. Apps no longer have to poll sensors for data directly. Data from wearables and device sensors is very accessible. With a […]

Heart Rate Tracking in 2018: Wearables, Neural Networks & mHealth

Surely, there’s an upper limit to the information that can be gleaned from one parameter? Heart rate data, for all this time, has proven to be beneficial in providing data regarding a person’s blood flow and heart conditions. But then, there’s the work Cardiogram is doing. Through intensive heart rate tracking, which takes into account […]

What does the future of sports tech look like? Impressions from CES

CES 2018 drew to a close a couple of weeks back, and the spotlight was on Artificial Intelligence, smart cars, and random gadgets which forced us to raise an eyebrow and ask, “Why even?”. But more interestingly, the future of sports and fitness tech was showcased in the form of new sensors and trackers. Gamification […]

The Future of Heart Rate Tracking with AI

Reinventing the wheel isn’t always easy. The sentiment applies more so in the space of sensor tech, wherein the only advancements that can be made are more often in the efficiency of measurement, footprint reduction and more sensitive recording parameters. But then, there’s also the concept of reinventing the applications of the wheel. And that’s […]