Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

One month of lifelogging with Snapchat’s Spectacles

With Snap on the verge of it’s IPO, Spectacles pop-ups are expanding worldwide. I have been using my Spectacles for over a month now. It’s turning out to be an fascinating wearable since I’m actually using it to lifelog some memories on weekends!

It is interesting to see how the first person camera view can make it exciting for many use cases. Like during beer pong, driving, bowling or even a roller coaster! Can we compare it to a lifelogging camera? Maybe, but it can’t be compared to the Narrative Clip that can gather thousands of photos everyday. But in its way it is a simpler version of a lifelogging camera that has an appeal for masses.


So far for $150, it has a great user experience, a fun retail experience, a handy form factor which is backed by some nice customer support. Overall it may be the new-age lifelogging device for masses. I am sure Snap is working on some new software updates for the Spectacles. I am looking forward to take photos with it and doing more with the Spectacles in the future. (Like an open API to manage the synced data directly)


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