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Passive Mood Tracking with the Feel Wristband

Mood tracking is an important parameter for lifeloggers, since it correlates with other activities directly. So far, mood tracking was mostly an active tracking process. People journal their mood through various journaling tools and tried to link other activities in their day or surroundings that contributed to it. On the other hand, many researchers tried to link mood with health & activity parameters. Using some of these biosignals through Glavanic Skin Response sensor, Blood Volume Pulse and skin temperature the Feel Wristband can now passively track your mood!


Wearables have been making fitness tracking simple and automatic but manual entries was the only way to track mood. Tracking emotions is just as important as tracking our fitness or so if not more. Mental health is generally ignored by people. Emotions define our character and our attitude to people around us. The Feel wristband by Sentio Solutions is a great revolution in mood tracking. This has Galvanic Skin Response sensors that detect an Electrodermal Response. This is used to understand the user’s emotional state. It is quite a complex process that is dependent on movement, body temperature, blood volume pulse also. All this data is then sent to your phone using bluetooth and displayed using the application. It works on the principle that emotion is mainly represented by biological reactions, psychophysiological expressions, and mental states.

Feel Wristband mood

– We can check for our autonomic nervous system activation by measuring changes in Electrodermal (i.e., sweat gland) and Cardiovascular (i.e., blood circulatory system) conditions. Skin is an organ that allows us to measure this well. So the changes are monitored with the help of electrical changes across the surface of the skin.

– The Electrodermal response measured is a very good indicator of emotional condition. This works on the changes in the skins electrical properties like electric impedance, etc.

– The cardiovascular changes in values are an indicator of emotional state. The device uses the blood volume pressure sensor to measure the variability of heart rate.

– Skin temperature changes are another aspect in which can be used for data on emotional state. This is measured using the thermometer in the tracker

– The inertial measurement unit is used to help  improve emotion recognition and its prediction. With the help of the GPS geospatial data is analysed as well.

This device actually helps to not only track the user’s emotions but also to notify if he/she is in a bad emotional state. The application gives the user techniques like meditation, breathing exercising to help in the situation. This is very useful in handling emotional breakdowns.

The application gives the user personalised reports and recommendations. The data being tracked is analysed for short-term data. It gives feedback from the analysis for our psychological well-being like ‘Laugh more’ , ‘Be active’, ‘Meditate’. Along with this, it gives the users advice based on the analysis of our data for our habits.

Along with the short plan, it gives a long-term plan for our overall betterment. It also helps us through the plan as it keeps on notifying us of how close we are to the target. The users are also given advice and have training options on healthy habits.

The device by itself, does looks aesthetically pleasing. It also offers a good long battery life to make it less of a hassle to use. The device is smart with its messages shown to help you based on your emotional state.

The company is also planning to partner with third-party apps to enhance the benefits. For example, partnering with music streaming services for playing music with respect to the emotional state.

The accuracy has to be still proven but, the company claims to have achieved accurate results using the device. There will be more testing of the device ahead for better results. The device will be available for $199 but, you can preorder it on their website right now for $149. The company is aiming for a launch in the first quarter of 2017 for the product. We can’t wait to get our hands on the product to study it further.

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