Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

Mobile World Congress Highlights

Emberify was at the Mobile World Congress this week. Apart from our meetings we got to see a good showcase of technology. We also announced our partnership with YotaPhone, the phone with two screens. We will be bringing out a dashboard using Instant’s data for the e-ink screen of the YotaPhone. It’ll be a quick way of giving the user life logged data. Apart from this, we also explored some great technology at the MWC.


 Some of the quick highlights from the MWC:

1. Smartphones everywhere. Apart from the Galaxy S6, LG Flex or HTC One M9, there are many, many more smartphone manufacturers. Some with niche use cases and some for niche markets. Its good to see competition building out there. I believe competition brings out the best for consumers.

 2. Android! Apart from the 128 odd Android pins that made it like a Pokemon hunt, all smartphones are going the Android road. There was some great branding by Android there, really impressive.



3. Enterprise mobility. This year a lot of MWC was for enterprises, rather than only consumers. Enterprise mobility is really growing fast. IBM and Samsung were going big in this space.



4. Emerging back. It was good to see Nokia’s new tablet and some nice IoT projects by them. BlackBerry had a briefing centre outside the MWC where the announced their new multi-platform software, the all touch BlackBerry Leap which looks great and teased us with the slider. I also had the opportunity to meet the founder of Secusmart, BlackBerry’s newest acquisition. They have a great voice encryption solution out there.


5. Connected Cars. I did see a Audi and Maserati out there being showcased with their connected capabilities. Ford had a booth too.


6. Everyone has Watches. It was impressive to see the number of smart watches showcases here. Almost every phone manufacturer has one. Also the Apple event next week with Pebble’s massive kickstarter success. Smart watches are starting to get me interested.


7. Getting out there. I did see some new hardware from Firefox, Jolla and Tizen. Good to see each one get interest in a niche. Will be interesting to see by the end of the year how things go for them.



 8. Microsoft looks colourful. The Microsoft booth looked great, maybe one of the nicest. They definitely had some good looking hardware. Though I didn’t get the time to check out Windows 10 yet.



9. Twitter for developers. I saw some great stats how Twitter is making more from their advertisers than Google and Facebook. They has some great developer tools too like their new Fabric SDK with the one click authentication. Even their Digits platform looks really nice for authentication through a phone number. Really interesting APIs!

10. Fun Startups. We got to see a really good showcase of innovative startups at the 4YFN(Four Years From Now) conference as well. Good to see the European startup ecosystem getting some great traction.

11. VR making it. I think this year consumers should be able to start seeing some great Virtual Reality tech coming out. Saw some nice demos of VR, almost ready for consumers.


The floor was really massive with many other great booths. Overall it was a great experience for us. Can’t wait to announce all our new products and updates in the next few weeks.