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Lifelogger Success Story: Shivam Vahia

Shivam Vahia is the Founder of EOTO Technologies. He has been an avid mobile technology blogger for the past few years. Along with that he’s completing his Engineering degree in Mumbai. Lifelogging has benefitted Shivam to manage his busy day efficiently. We chatted with Shivam to understand how he’s been using Instant to be more productive between his company and college.


Productive Lifelogger
Shivam Vahia- Lifelogger | Entrepreneur | Student

Shashwat: How does self-tracking help you throughout the day

Shivam: Self Tracking is very essential for me because I can manage my time accordingly. I can keep a log of my time wasted using my mobile and can improvise accordingly. After using Instant for a few weeks, I realised that I am spending a lot of time on social media sites which are giving me back zero value.

Instant Dashboard
Shivam’s Dashboard

Shashwat: What features of Instant are you using the most

Shivam: I love the Geo Tracking feature. I am currently interning at a company in Mumbai, so it shows me exactly how much time I spent at office. Further I can use it as a reference to report to my seniors. It’s highly reliable. Travelling Time too is calculated precisely and the best part is, everything is synced across all devices.

Shashwat: How does app usage tracking help with your time management?

Shivam: By tracking my phone usage, I can cut down on the time I have wasted on unnecessary things like Games and Social Media. Earlier during my vacations, I used to spend hours gaming. Since I have been lifelogging with Instant, I could set myself goals and follow them accordingly. Being more conscious now, I spend more time on work related apps and Quora.

Shashwat: How do you manage staying fit being so busy

Shivam: I’m not really a fitness enthusiast. I track my walking with a Mi Band that syncs with Google Fit. Google Fit then further syncs with Instant. I have a target set for walking a certain steps everyday. I track my walking stats along with my total travelling time.

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