Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

We just launched Journaly! A Journal app for your Mac.

I have been thinking about the benefits of active self-tracking for a while. Last month I tried logging my mood using emojis with a sentence to explain the cause of it. This helped me understand my mood influencers and to stay in a better state of mind. I did all this with an unorganised notes app & spreadsheet.

The most popular active self-tracking tool used by people are journal apps. Though, I tried many of them. I felt really constrained journalling with them. These journal apps lacked customisability. This led us onto creating Journaly for Mac.

Journaly Journal in Macbook

With Journaly, people can customise their journal experience and add self-survey questions. For example ‘How many cups of coffee did I drink today’, ‘What was my mood like’ or ‘Did I exercise’. This allows users to journal immeasurable things like habits, behaviour and personal interactions.

Journaly has every feature you need to have a great journalling experience- iCloud backup, adding media, password protection, exporting your data as a file, daily reminders, search, tags & adding custom survey questions.

Our early adopters are using it as a gratitude journal, personal journal,travel log, food journal, mood log, idea diary and as a health journal. What are you going to use Journaly for? We are looking forward to your feedback!

Journaly is available on the Mac App Store.