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Journaling in 2017: Record your memories with Journal apps

Journaling apps are a great way to track memories, habits and so much more. With 2017 just coming in, Journaling apps can be a great way to keep track of your goals. With your phone or laptop always with you, apps are a convenient way to Journal. I have been journalling since the past year which has made a big difference in my life. Many of my friends use their journaling apps to journal their travel, daily habits, work, food, health and ideas. I personally have been using Journaly to keep track of my daily mood, health and also to journal my travels.

Journalling as a practice is really good for mental health since it eases the mind acting as a mental companion. It’s a rich way of storing all your precious memories. If you want to keep track of your goals for 2017, you can plan out a way to Journal on a daily basis. Here are some ideas on how you can Journal for a better year ahead.

– Mood- Mental health is crucial to be productive and happiness in general. You can start tracking your mood in a Journal app with a simple emoji and write a line on what is causing the mood. You can track this over a few weeks and understand how you can be happier.

– Health- Wearables and sensors are still limited into the things they can track. Many people journal their health especially living with long term chronic diseases or pain. That can help make a routine to improve your health in 2017!

– Travel- Travel journalling is my favourite. With journaling apps supporting high resolution photos, maps, activities and weather it is really interesting and fun to journal your travels.

– Bullet journal- You can use your journal in a more objective way to plan and complete tasks. It is a great way of organising your life. It can be your planner or to-do list. It was meant to be done on paper but many people are moving their bullet journals to journal apps.

There are infinite ways you can use your journal. It’s all about making it a part of your routine. Looking forward to seeing how people use their journals to achieve their 2017 goals.

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