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Journal apps in 2016: Capture everything you care about

Journal apps are a great alternative to Journaling with a pen and paper. Journal apps help you express your thoughts in a single place, freeing up your mind. Thinking about modern Journaling apps in 2016? Apart from just writing they add personalised data like weather, places, etc. You can even add rich media like photos and videos. They also utilise new technology like cloud backup, live photos and 3D Maps.

Journaly Journal in Macbook
Journaly- Customisable Journal app for your Mac

I have been journalling my mood in an unorganised notes app before we created Journaly for Mac, for a customisable journalling experience. Now I journal my location, the weather, mood, exercise for the day and a few lines to put this data in context. As I write my Journal, it helps me free up my mind and improve myself everyday. I observe what is affecting my mood and state of mind by going through my journal.

This year, many of my friends are using travel journal apps to log their vacations. It is a great way to capture everything while travelling. It was interesting to see their photos organised with maps & the weather at the place. It brought so much useful context. Journal apps can really make your travel stories much more lively. They offer a more rich story-telling  experience than social apps like Instagram. With cloud backups and password protection, they can be the perfect place to store memories safely.

Overall, people have been Journaling from many years and it is great to see it becoming more modern with apps integrating new technologies to assist with Journaling. Although, many people still like to stick with their diaries.

We are also working on bringing Journaly from the Mac to mobile platforms, making it simpler to Journal on the go. Let us know what you think about modern Journal apps in the comments.