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Introducing the new Instant 4.5!

We have been tweaking on Instant(Our automatic lifelogging app) since the past few months, focussing on improving the overall app experience. Here are some of the major changes & additions that we made:

– Improving the Chatbot coach

– Integrating with Fitbit (Biggest user demand!)

– Tracking cycling data which is still in beta

As we move ahead towards our next big release of Instant, we plan to make the dashboard more flexible and letting the users bring more data from their services/wearables to the Instant platform. Our mission remains the same- To make personal analytics automatic and adding value to the tracked data, so people can improve their lives with it.

We are looking for your feedback on how we can improve & make Instant better for you.

Mobile and Devices

Instant – Automatically keep track of the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities. Get it on the App Store and Google Play.

  • JaziZilber

    how does it integrate with other tracking systems?

    Google Fit?
    Various sleep tracking apps?

    Do you have a list of apps it integrates with?


    • Shashwat Pradhan

      We integrate with Google Fit & Fitbit. You can pull in your sleep & fitness data from these sources.