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Instant 3.1, wearables are welcome!

With Instant 3.1, you can now sync your wearable data through HealthKit & Google Fit. We can now display your dashboard summary on your Apple Watch & Android Wear Smartwatch. We initially built complete automatic tracking in Instant using the smartphone sensors, now with wearable adoption growing, we want to allow users to bring in their more accurate data through wearables. Of course this is still optional and we will continue to improve our tracking algorithms.


We have a good number of users who take the Quantified Self movement really seriously. They had requested for wearable integration with our last release, so we prioritised it on our roadmap. Moving ahead we are now focussing on cloud backup for data (Keeping the data on the user’s iCloud or Google Drive) & ways to improve the data sharing experience. We will have a big release coming out in May-June with some neat technology our team at Emberify is working on.
Also, Instant for iOS is now free, so more people can experience a seamless Quantified Self movement! (with an in-app upgrade for weekly reports)

As always we are open to feedback & suggestions so we can improve faster, feel free to reach out to me on email or our social media!

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