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Instant 3.0 Launch: Making Personal Analytics accessible to every smartphone user

Today we are launching Instant 3.0, our team at Emberify has been working on Instant for over a year! We have learnt so much from our users and the Quantified Self community. Apart from automatic, seamless tracking there is more to data. That’s why we built weekly reports using storytelling techniques & some interesting graphs to give our users actionable insights based on their data!

Instant Reports

Instant 3.0 is available for both Android & iOS today. Along with weekly reports, we have added automatic sleep tracking based on your activity. Instant has also gotten a major UI upgrade in this release.

Analytics has been helping technology companies for years to make their products & services better. Our mission is to make personal analytics accessible to every single smart phone user so they make improvements, based on this data in their lives. This release is a major milestone for us in this direction.

Instant Cards

Moving ahead in the next version of Instant we are working on new experiences with sharing and understanding your data. We are also licensing our award-winning tracking technology and looking for enterprise partners. Feel free to contact us for feedback or any other questions. For more about Instant, you can visit: You can find our press kit here.

Instant is available for iOS 7.0 & Android Ice Cream Sandwich upwards.

‘ You walked equivalent to 11 pizza slices this week 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕’- Instant 3.0