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Huawei – Positioned to become a top lifestyle tech brand

Huawei recently climbed up as the world’s third largest smartphone maker in the world. In the US, it may not be so popular yet, but it definitely has taken over the Chinese market steadily over the past few years. Huawei’s major business is still their technology powering mobile networks, but their smartphone business is a rapidly growing one. Thinking about Huawei’s consumer devices from a lifestyle  perspective, they have incorporated some really innovative technology in their smartwatch and smartphones.

Software backed by AI


Huawei unveiled the Honor Magic phone a few months ago. It uses Artificial Intelligence to give the user a smart and contextual mobile experience. The Honor Magic’s AI responds to the contextual triggers it receives from sensors. Using infrared sensors, the AI detects your face and provides you with your personal notifications only once it verifies your identity. Apart from that, the lock screen app recommendations are learnt based on your behaviour. It fascinating how it uses the user’s context to train its Machine Learning algorithms. It also provides you a contextual experience when you’re driving, in a movie or near your courier package. On a long press of the home button the Honor Magic can also give you recommendations like other AI assistants. Another interesting way it reacts to the user’s surroundings, it detect a dark room to offer a flashlight option on the lockscreen.

Huawei thinks of the evolution of the feature phone to a smartphone to the intelligent phone, which now uses AI to be more proactive to help users. The difference being that a smartphone just enables you whereas an intelligent phone can actually understand you.

Huawei P10


Huawei’s new flagship phone was unveiled at MWC this year, following the widely popular P9. Once again they collaborated with Leica for the P10 to get a dual lens camera that senses depth and light better than ever. The P10 comes with an improved dual camera in the back and even a Leica front selfie camera. That coupled with the colourful diamond-cut back has managed to give the Huawei P10 a massive consumer appeal. They have targeted the high-end market with this device, they also have other options like the Mate series for pro users and the Honor series for mid-range users. Covering the spectrum from mid to high end they have gotten major growth in China, Europe, Middle East and some other Asia Pacific markets.

Huawei Watch 2


Imagine taking a call during as you take during your swim. As an independent device it adds so much more value for users. The Huawei Watch 2 that can connect to 4G networks brings in so many new use-cases for people. You don’t need to carry your smartphone for everything anymore. The smartwatch brings such an amazing new form-factor to connect you to your digital world on the go.  

It is great to finally see innovation coming out from China in the smartphone space. Looking forward to how Huawei’s smartphone business grows over the next three years with challenges faced in the US market.