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How Lifelogging can help Digital nomads

Digital nomads have a pretty difficult time managing a proper work-life balance. It becomes really hard to find patterns in schedule with a nomadic lifestyle. This makes it very hard to follow routines or adhere to particular goals and it takes a lot discipline to maintain this.

Quantified Self (commonly known as lifelogging) is basically the practice of using technology to track aspects of our daily lives in the form of parameters for us to reflect, understand and in turn improve our activities in such a way that we attain favourable results. This can play a major part in a digital nomads life and help attain particular targets as needed.

One of the biggest issues that digital nomads face is the irregularity in the food and exercise they get. In the case of exercise, you can see almost everybody using fitness apps coupled with a wearable. They generally give you an analysis of your calories burnt and how you achieve the intended target. There are many apps that help coach you. Tracking the food consumed is very essential too. Moving around, diet changes regularly which may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Also, most digital nomads eat on the run and end up eating fast food quite frequently. In these cases, it is very important to test our body parameters for deficiencies and other imbalances. Tracking nutrition helps here quite a bit to regulate the parameters.

Instant– Automatically keep track of the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities. 

Another issue that digital nomads face is irregularities in their sleeping patterns. Sleep tracking apps can be used to balance out sleep. The ones that track sleep automatically are convenient. Using fitness trackers can give an analysis of the quality of sleep too.

With all the travelling, to be productive it is useful to keep track of travel time and time being spent at different places. Also, time being spent on work and leisure needs to be divided to help maintain a proper work-life balance. Lifelogging apps can be key for digital nomads improve their lifestyle and productivity.

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