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How Instant is turning smartphones into automatic time trackers!

Time tracking is one of the key productivity hacks. To make an extra hour out of your day, it is crucial to understand how you currently use your time everyday. Millions of smartphone users time track every year using various apps. A major percentage of them always give up due to the limitation of manually entering time into an app.

Using data from your mobile OS & sensors, you can actually track most of your activities automatically. Time at work? Time at home? Time on your phone? Time asleep? Time travelling or walking? Yes, you can do all this, that too automatically! You just need to use your phone and an app- Instant.

1 Phone time

Automatic Lifelogging App

People spend an average 3 hours a day on your smartphone! It is important to account and manage for this time efficiently. Instant not only tracks the time you spend on your phone in a day, it also keeps track of the number of times you check it everyday.
This is handy in getting rid of smartphone addiction and making better use of time.

2 Time at places

Keeping track on the time you are spending at work, home and your favourite places is key to manage a good work-life balance. Instant also gives you great insight into where you are spending significant amounts of time.

3 Fitness & Travel

Cycle flat

Your daily commute is a great place you can save time. By understanding how much time you spend travelling every month, you can understand how much time you’re spending on it & a decision to re-locate may also be worth it! Apart from the tracking the time you spend travelling, Instant also tracks time spent walking, running and cycling! Spending half an hour walking everyday is a great way to stay fit.

4 Sleep

Sleep iPhone Flat

Are you getting enough ZZZs? We spend one-third of our lives sleeping! Sleep affects many other things in our life directly like health, mood and even productivity. We definitely think tracking sleep is a key part of time tracking. With Instant, you just need to leave your phone on a table near your bed-side for it to track your sleep automatically.

With all this time tracking happening automatically, Instant provides you with weekly reports and more information on your tracked time! Instant is available on the App Store & Google Play.