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How Apple changed the way people stay fit with the iPhone & Apple Watch

When Apple released the Health app with iOS 8, it was a big step towards fitness tracking. Mobile has brought a radical change in people’s lifestyle. Fitness has been an important aspect of this- from the time smartphones had simple pedometers to track steps, to now where there are complete health aggregating platforms like Apple’s Health app or Google Fit. Since smartphones have become an integral part of people’s life, fitness apps and service thrived on mobile. Apart from Apple’s and Google’s fitness push, 3rd party developers also made some great innovations, like the interactive seven minute workout app. 

New Health parameters 

Nutrition Health Apple Flat

With iOS 10, Apple revamped the entire Health experience. It went beyond focusing on tracking only steps and physical exercises.

– Nutrition is a new section in the Health app. Nutrition intake is crucial for weight maintenance and overall health. It has a direct impact on our fitness.

– Mindfulness has brought emphasis on mental health. With busy lifestyles, a few mindful minutes everyday are crucial for mental peace.

Third party fitness apps

The App Store has been regularly highlighting fitness trackers and platforms. Both Apple and Google have made a wide variety of fitness services and sensors available for third party developers. Also, there are so many ways available to connect with Apple Health & Google Fit.


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For instance when we were building our lifelogging app Instant, fitness tracking was an important part of the app. We focussed on Apple Health and Fitbit integration to track people’s walking, running, cycling and sleep. Integrating with these fitness services was crucial to many users.

The Apple Watch and other wearables

Apple Watch Activity app

The Apple Watch has some great fitness features. With Heart Rate tracking, activity tracking and the Workout app; the Apple Watch has made fitness tracking really simple. The Activity app has been motivating people to move, exercise and even stand!

The iPhone has been one of the major contributors to the Fitbit & other fitness trackers success. With all this data integrating within the Health app, people are more fitness conscious than ever. Providing all these fitness features, the iPhone has really helped millions with their health and overall well-being.

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