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Interview with Angel Munoz

[Featured image note: Any PC gamer should recognize this Doom screenshot. The original image had a resolution of just 320 x 240, but artist TJ Townsend, otherwise known as Elemental79, spent 35 hours over the course of 8 days remastering it in Photoshop at a resolution of 9600 x 7211. His reason? “Doom was the greatest PC game ever made!”, from Mass Luminosity’s Facebook page. Original at]

Social networks were spammed with XBOX One vs PS4 vs PC vs xyz posts couple of weeks back around their announcements. Analysing the hardware architecture of the consoles, undoubtedly they all are powerful beasts, more importantly even Sony decided to leave IBM’s cell architecture and move to X86 architecture (Processor architecture in PCs and the XBOX) . This is brilliant for developers as it will be much easier to develop/port their games between all of the platforms. With all gaming consoles getting more powerful and closer to the PC, how does it affect the gaming scene?

We got the opportunity to get valuable insight by Serial Entrepreneur and Gaming Guru Angel Munoz(Interview from October 2013). He is also the CEO/Founder of Mass Luminosity.

  1. With the PS4 and XBOX One coming in this holiday season, where do you see the already declining PC business going?

That’s a broad industry question improperly inserted into a niche market. Let’s start by stating that the prediction of imminent death for the PC business has been repeatedly predicted by experts and pundits alike for the last 15 years or more, and still today I am comfortably responding to your questions by typing on my full size mechanical keyboard, while glancing at my 29” LED monitor, all powered by my desktop PC.

What industry experts seem to miss in their predictions is that the PC experience is still unrivaled by any other form of technology. My PC is not only my work partner, my media & communications center, but also my faithful gaming companion and a window to an entire world of social media interaction. The open format of the PC has spawned a huge industry of companies competing not only for its visible peripherals (monitor, case, mouse, keyboard, headsets and mousepad), but more so for the components that invisibly power my PC, from RAM, CPU, GPU to PSU, SSD, HDD and Mobo.

This open format is the absolute strength of the PC medium and one of the primary reasons that after 18 years in the video game industry I still profess the superiority of the PC experience. The PS4 and Xbox One are great closed-format PC’s and one of them may certainly gain a spot in my den, but as technology continues to accelerate (for example AMD’s new 5.0 GHz processor to be released next month or the rumored new line of 9000 series AMD GPUs) the PC will continue to offer the most realistic and immersing experience for gamers worldwide.

To answer your question directly, while Sony and Microsoft will definitely make a lot of noise this holiday season about their next generation consoles, by the time they are released the PC will be far ahead in both technology advances and performance.

  1. What are some of the new trends you see coming up in PC gaming?

I think that some developers are starting to realize once again the value of the PC and will power unique visual experiences that should help augment the feeling of immediacy and immersion that makes for a great gaming experience. I personally can’t wait to use Eyefinity Technology to power several monitors on the rig I will be building next month with the help of some of our corporate sponsors like AMD, Corsair, PowerColor and MAINGEAR. We plan to showcase the step-by-step process of building an ultimate gaming PC.

I’m also intrigued by the possibilities of the new line of external drives with WiFi capabilities. These unique drives could eventually become mobile game servers that should help power communal gaming experiences we’ve never anticipated.

  1. Which are some of the new PC games that you are currently playing?

I have access to almost all of the latest PC games via the kind contribution of my friends at Valve Software and their excellent Steam service. Therefore, I’ve played almost every single new game on the market, but the one that really surprised me was Bioshock: Infinite. I played it twice from beginning to end because the plot was very much like reading a great book, with the unique twist that I was the story’s protagonist.

I’m also really looking forward to Battlefield 4, the incredible cinematic elements, destroyable environments and pure adrenaline rush of the game, I think could make it the biggest selling game of all time. We’ll see…

  1. With over 1 million members in the Mass Luminosity community, what is the next target?

Mass Luminosity has close to one million followers on Facebook and over 130,000 of them have Gaming Tribe accounts. We also have about 200,000 followers on Twitter and just reached 150,000 members on our no-spam emailing list. Just a year ago we were just a relatively small group of gamers and today we are truly a global enterprise. This has been a very thrilling venture to all of the members of the Mass Luminosity team.

Our first goal is to continue to offer unique fun experiences to our community. Our second goal is to continue to grow our community. When taking in consideration that there are about 100 million PC gamers in the world, I guess our sights should be locked on introducing at least 10% of them to the inclusive Mass Luminosity community… where age, gender, race or geographical location have absolutely no influence or focus.

For more gaming news and trends you can follow Angel Munoz.