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Fitness technology is getting serious

At Emberify as we move ahead with our context aware apps, fitness is a very critical point of data. With the new fitness platforms: Apple Health and Google Fit data is getting more accessible. Apps no longer have to poll sensors for data directly. Data from wearables and device sensors is very accessible. With a central source of data available, it is more economical to use this data in terms of battery.

Since 2013, there has been a phenomenal growth in interest of fitness apps and trackers. Smartphone users are identifying health and fitness as an important use case of mobile. Here is a Google trends chart showing the same. Most of this interest are from developed markets: US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 10.31.58 pm


Flurry also had some great data on fitness apps on how users are highly engaged with this category of apps. The top demographics for fitness apps are from the age 25-50 and mostly females.


It is good to see the quality of data improving with data coming into fitness apps through sensors on people’s wrists rather than using the device accelerometer. At Emberify, we have been working  on a Fitness incentive app for Android called ‘Earn That Bite‘ which gets data through the Google Fit platform. It works by letting users chose their food incentives for the day and tracking their steps based on it. So I can chose a Taco as my target and the app will let me know once I have completed 4000 odd steps to achieve it. In this way Earn That Bite is quantifying the food you eat by using the fitness data from Google Fit. We would love to hear your feedback. Check it out on Google Play:

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