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Fitness tracking with the iPhone & iOS 10!

With iOS 10, the Health app has gotten a major overhaul. The iPhone is a great device for fitness enthusiasts of all types. For average people, the Health app provides enough data- about steps, walking distance, flights climbed, etc. Whereas for the fitness enthusiasts the Apple Watch & apps like Instant, Strava, etc can provide a deeper insight.

The Apple Watch is great for wheel chair users and also swimmers with the new water resistance feature. But overall, if you are a runner, cyclist or even just go on brisk walks, the iPhone has a bunch of features and apps that can track your fitness activities effectively.

The New Health App

Apple Health

The Health app is now divided in four categories- Activity, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep. You can learn more about the new Health app here. It is interesting to see a new focus around mental health with mindfulness. For basic fitness tracking if you just walk or jog, the Health app is great.

Instant app

The new Instant app tracks your steps, walking time, running time, cycling time and even your sleep automatically! It is great whether you are looking for simple or slightly more complex fitness tracking. You can even add it’s widget to your home screen and get daily reports.

3rd Party Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts

Cycle flat

If just knowing your steps and walking time doesn’t cut it for you you can get on of these apps to track your workouts in finer detail.

Nike+ Running: Track your runs with a route on the map and intensity of the run

Strava: For runners and cyclists, this is your to go app. Get routes, details of the workout and also interact with friends on Strava’s social network.

7 minute workout: If you are limited by time, you should do a quick seven minute workout which will keep you agile and healthy.

If you’re looking for a great fitness companion, an Apple Watch is strongly recommended. With the new features in the Series 2, it is the next frontier for fitness tracking. So, whether you are new into fitness tracking or a long-time fitness enthusiast, iOS 10 offers you some great features and apps to keep in shape.

Get Instant – Automatically keep track of the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities.